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      Founded in 1999, TATWAX has always been an industry champion. We began with a simple mission: to create a product that is effective and efficient, without any of the nonsense. We stuck to the basics and the outcome was something that has been proven to work for over 20 years. 

      From the beginning, we wanted to create a balm or ointment that didn't clog up pores, was made with all-natural ingredients, and acted as a petroleum alternative. As a result, we formulated the Original Soothing Balm. Designed to help your skin breathe, our Original Soothing Balm is made with ultra-moisturizing technology that nurtures the skin for faster healing of fresh tattoos while also keeping ink vibrant and smooth for healed ones. Our balm had an all-in-one formula that could be used at almost every step of the tattoo process and journey. We pride ourselves in staying true to our vision and sticking to the fundamentals. Because of this, TATWAX has grown to become an industry leader, backed by distributors across the world. Since the start, we have expanded into nearly a dozen different countries, while also further adding new products, like our TATWAX Film and Stencil Gel, to our collection. 

      What We're About