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      Protective Films

      TATWAX Tattoo Protective Film is a thin, self-adhesive film used to protect fresh tattoos in the starting days of healing. This Protective Tattoo Film helps prevent skin damage and promotes the proper healing of tattoos. In addition, TATWAX Film is waterproof, antibacterial, and enables oxygen flow for faster recovery. It locks in healing enzymes while creating an antibacterial barrier. You can also wear any clothes over it as it protects from any direct skin contact and rubbing.

      Advantages of TATWAX Tattoo Protective Film:

      • You can leave TATWAX Film itself without continuously applying ointments.
      • It can be cut to any size effortlessly and used on complex/large areas such as a back piece.
      • TATWAX Protective Film sticks to your skin surrounding the tattoo and doesn't shift.