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      Stencils & Transfers

      Stencil Gel and Cleaners are essential items for a proper tattoo. We pride ourselves in creating a product that works effectively. 100% made in the USA using all natural ingredients.

      Designed and formulated to make transferring tattoo stencils effortless and easier than before. Tatwax Stencil Gel is created to provide sharp, clean detailed transfers. Giving off ultra-dark crisp lines, this stencil gel ensures precision as well as longevity, making sure your stencil will stay put and won’t smudge away for hours on end.

      A perfect companion to our stencil gel, Tatwax Stencil Cleaner safely removes any stencil markings on your client’s skin. This stencil cleaner can be used to efficiently clean off a stencil when you aren’t happy with the placement or whenever you need to change or rearrange the stencil. Simply, spray the cleaner and wipe off. For the best results, shake the bottle well before use and rub it in with a gloved hand until dry.