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      Original Soothing Balm

      The perfect in-process tattoo soothing balm and aftercare. All-natural formula, free of lanolin, alcohol, and petroleum. Designed to help skin breathe. TATWAX Original Soothing Balm is formulated with ultra-moisturizing technology that doesn't clog up pores, leaving your tattoo supple, smooth, and vitally nourished. Enriched with essential vitamins and soothing aloe vera, TATWAX is made from all-natural ingredients.

      Advantages of Our Original Soothing Balm Tattoo Aftercare:

      • Nurtures skin for faster healing of fresh tattoos
      • Keeps ink vibrant and smooth for healed ones
      • Aids skin in absorbing and retaining moisture
      • Fragrance and scent-free formula that outshines other heavy-odor balms